How can we prevent Android apps to automatically add shortcuts on the home screen

When we install Android applications from the Google Play Store, they automatically add shortcuts to the Home screen of the device on which they are installed. While this makes it easier to find and access those applications, over time it can clutter the Home screen and give it a messy look. In addition, most Android users prefer… Read More

Increase battery life on Android automatically disabling WiFi connection when you are out of coverage

The biggest disadvantage of mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) is the short battery life and the fact that it can be consumed extremely quickly by certain applications, processes or activities running on those devices. Also, internet connections, whether it's WiFi or mobile data, are big consumers… Read More

Protect your Android phone with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Mobile operating systems are just as (or maybe even more) vulnerable to malware attacks than systems created for computers (drives desktop, laptops or notebooks). Malware-infected mobile devices endanger users' personal information and data, and it is their duty to ensure the privacy and security of such data. ... Read More

Download Google Apps suite for Android with different EasyGApps

If you are used to installing and testing various custom ROMs for Android on your devices, you probably already know that not all of them include Google Apps (Google Play, Maps, Gmail, Google Music, etc.), in which case you need to install the suite of applications separately (flash) via a recovery (for example, ClockWorkMod). Although … Read More

4.4 installed Android KitKat launcher on any device running Jelly Bean

Google and LG recently launched the Nexus 5 smartphone, which comes bundled with the latest Android system, namely Android 4.4 KitKat. The new Android comes with many changes, both in the interface and in terms of applications, most of them having improved appearance and functionality (Camera, Maps, QuickOffice, Keep, Clock, Keyboard ... Read More

Microsoft has launched the Remote application Desktop for Android and iOS

A few days ago, Microsoft launched the Remote application Desktop for iOS and Android, device owners running these operating systems can connect to remote PCs and access their resources and programs through the application from almost any location. Both mobile platforms use Remote Desktop ... Read More

Espier brings iOS 7 Notification Center and Control Center on Android systems

The launch of iOS 7 last month was accompanied not only by a complete change of its interface, but also by some new features quite interesting, as well as changes and improvements to existing features (the ability of applications to run in background or to self-update when devices are connected to Read More

Rooteaza any Android phone Framaroot

Most Android users prefer to root their devices to access certain Play Store applications that require root to run and to be able to customize their phones to their liking using custom themes and ROMs. With each new version of Android released, rooting methods have become more and more… Read More

How can send voice messages using WhatsApp

Most likely, most users of the popular WhatsApp messaging application have already learned about the new functionality added to it with one of the recent updates, namely voice messaging. But just as likely there are still enough who have not used this feature and have no idea how to do it. WhatsApp voicemail… Read More

How can install and use Flash Player on an Android device

Some time ago (after the release of the first version of Android Ice Cream Sandwich), Adobe decided to discontinue the development of the Flash Player for the Android operating system, which means that it is not available for newer versions of it, such as would be Jelly Bean, and won't be available for Key either… Read More