Windows Blue will be offered as update free in Windows Store

Windows 8

Good news for users Windows 8: Microsoft's new CFO, Tami Reller, recently announced at the JP Morgan Media & Telecom conference that Windows Blue (or 8.1, as it is officially called) will be available for free after launch in Windows Store, ca. update to the newest system Windows. Reller also stated that Read More

How can we reinstall the applications from Windows Store with a single click on a system Windows 8 newly installed

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A reinstallation of Windows it means for the vast majority of users a hassle, first of all because after the actual installation of the system, the applications used by each one must also be reinstalled. And the individual installation (in turn) of them, not only means a great waste of time, but sometimes it can happen to forget… Read More

Five hidden (but important) features of Windows 8

Windows 8

Undoubtedly Windows 8 is one of the most discussed topics lately, primarily because it is the newest operating system Windows launched, but also due to the modern interface it has implemented, and the new features meant to make the system more attractive for users and more stable. Atat Read More

Three critical vulnerabilities were discovered in Windows 8

Windows 8

It didn't happen either macit would be a month since the launch of the new operating system Windows 8, and Microsoft has already announced that some critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in it, which will fortunately be fixed in the series of updateThis week's security patches (tuesday patches). Among the vulnerabilities that will receive patches this week are Read More

Download the official Microsoft themes for Windows 8

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With the official launch of Windows 8, Microsoft has also launched a new set of themes for the new operating system, which are now available for download on the official website Windows Personalization Gallery. Microsoft official themes for Windows 8 contains, just like the ones for Windows 7, backgrounds for desktop, custom colors for items… Read More

Get your free license for Windows Media Center in Windows 8 Pro

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One of the biggest changes in Windows 8 was removing from package a Windows Media Center, which was included for free in Windows 7. In the new Windows this feature is available separately, as a paid upgrade, for the version only Windows 8 Pro and licensed only. In preview versions, released to give users… Read More

Windows 8 Upgrade Assisted helps you find out if your computer is compatible with Windows 8

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Although it was only launched three days ago, the vast majority of users have become familiar with it Windows 8 since it was under development, when they had the opportunity to test the preview versions made public by Microsoft: Development Preview, Consumer Preview and Release Preview. In addition, Microsoft has launched a trial… Read More

Full list of shortcuts from Windows 8 RTM

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After the release of the RTM version a Windows 8 many users have installed this operating system to test the new features and to become familiar with its new interface. In order to help these users, we thought it would be appropriate to post the list of shortcuts (for the keyboard) of Windows ... Read More

How can we have gadgets from Windows 7 in Windows 8

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One unpleasant surprises for users Windows 8 was the absence of the gadgets they got used to Windows Sight yes Windows 7. In previous operating systems, gadgets could provide users with quick information and much easier access to certain system tools. uSERS Windows 8 who miss the gadgets they used to… Read More

How can we install it? Windows 8 without using a license code

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As you know, Windows 8 RTM is already available for download for TechNet and MSDN subscribers, and will be made public after October 26, 2012. Among the major differences between Windows 8 and operating systems Windows previous, probably the most important is that Windows 8 cannot be installed unless… Read More