How can we reactivate the confirmation dialog when we delete something in Windows 8

users Windows 8 most likely noticed (if not, now find out why your files disappeared and then you found them in the Recycle Bin) as opposed to the previous systems, in the new Windows OS, Microsoft has disabled the file deletion confirmation message. If before enough users found the confirmation dialog as… Read More

How to disable the new Metro bootloader from Windows 8 and bring back the classic bootloader from Windows 7

In Windows 8, Microsoft also modified the bootloader, giving it a Metro look. Compared to the bootloader we got used to Windows Sight yes Windows 7, the Metro bootloader not only looks better, but is even more endowed with functionality in terms of boot options, etc. But when it comes to Read More

How to disable Lock Screen in Windows 8

Another new feature for the operating system Windows 8 is also the Lock Screen, considered necessary by most tablet users, but which can become irritating for users of desktop-hate. If you are among the last category and you do not want the Lock Screen to be displayed every time Read More

How can we uninstall applications in Windows 8 installed from Windows Store

One important feature that comes bundled Windows 8 is not Windows The store, an online application store (similar to the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android) from where users can install applications directly in the operating system without having to download before installthe er for these. Applications installed from Windows ... Read More

How can we enable / disable Fast Startup in Windows 8

Among the improvements that came with the package Windows 8, we can say that at the top of the list is the speed of this operating system, much higher than previous versions, regardless of whether we refer to the boot speed or file transfer / copy speed. In addition, it consumes even less system resources. Linked … Read More

How to disable the Change Start Screen Background option in Windows 8

Normally, after installing Windows 8, the background of the Start Screen is dark blue. Although some users are not interested in what color the metro interface of the system has, and some may even like this color, there are certainly users who either find it too gloomy, or do not like blue, or prefer… Read More

How to check if the CPU (processor) of a PC supports it Windows 8

users Windows who want to test the latest version of Windows 8 released, namely Release Preview, must first check if the processor (CPU) of the supplied computer supports this operating system. Even if the minimum system requirements announced by Microsoft specify that the processor must be at least 1 GHz, Read More

How can we disable the auto-completion of applications that block the Shutdown in Windows 8

Windows 8 also comes bundled with an auto-quit applications feature that identifies applications open at the time of closing or restartareas of the system and closes them forcibly. Although this feature can be helpful for those who want a quick shutdown, it often happens that we forget to save changes made to previously opened applications… Read More

How to disable the Reveal Password button in Windows 8

In Windows 8, when we enter a password, either to access a metro application or to log in to a website, on the right side of the field where we enter the password appears a button (graphic image of an eye) that allows users to display the characters from which it is formed. Although he can… Read More

How to disable Lock Screen in Windows 8

One of the updates that came Windows 8 in the package is the Lock Screen, a rather interesting feature, optimized for tablets, but mostly useless to PC or laptop users. Although the new Lock Screen in Windows 8 has a big plus for the fact that it can be customized according to users' preferences (backgrounds… Read More