How can we install it? Windows 10 or Windows 11 without a license? Windows Product Key

Until 2015 when it was launched Windows 10, a Microsoft operating system could not be installed if I did not have a valid license code (Windows Product Key).
If you are still a user of Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or an older operating system, you can try Windows 10, without the need to purchase a license before installation. You don't even need the celebrity anymore Installation CD Windows XP on which I was writing the series with the marker.

With Windows 10, Microsoft has begun offering users the ability to skip the copy activation step Windows 10 or Windows 11 during the installation process. Furthermore, ISO installation images operating systems Windows 10 si Windows 11 can be downloaded for free from

How can we install it? Windows 10 or Windows 11 without the license code? Windows Product Key

Yes, it is possible. During the operating system installation process Windows 10 or Windows 11, the user has the opportunity to skip the activation step. The step required Windows product key to activate the copy Windows 10 or Windows 11.

Enable Windows 10 or Windows 11 can be done after the installation process.

How long can we use Windows 10 or Windows 11 without a license?

Windows 10 can be used normally one month without restrictions on use. After this period, usage restrictions will appear, but personal files will not be deleted or with limited access. The system will continue to work, we can install and run applications.
Microsoft also applies for Windows 11 the same policy.

What happens if I don't activate Windows 10 or Windows 11 after the trial period?

After the end of the trial period, if we do not enter a Windows product key valid or authenticate a digital license assigned to a Microsoft account, limitations and "invitations" to activate Windows.

Activate Windows watermark

The first element we notice is the appearance on Desktop of a watermark in the lower right. “Activate Windows“. With the recommendation to go to the settings and activate the product.

Activate Windows watermark Desktop
Activate Windows watermark Desktop

There will be some usage restrictions if the product is not activated.

Customization limitations Taskbar, Start Menu, Themes, Dark Mode

"You need to activate Windows before you can personaloze your PC"

Taskbar is an important part of Windows 11 si Windows 10. The bottom bar where we have the application icons open, the start menu, access to widgets and the date. Customizing this visual area is limited if we do not activate the license Windows. We cannot set automatic hiding of Taskbar or resize it.

Start Menu gives us quick access to applications, setup menus, PC seats, plus options restart, PC shutdown, hibernation and more. Customizing Start Menu can only be done by activating the copy of Windows. a Windows product key valid for our version of Windows.

Windows Theme is the visual part of the operating system. Colors and effects Taskbar, File Explorer, the color of the whole system, the change of the background image, the change of the sounds Windowsplus many of the visual options are not available until Windows is not activated.
Only the theme can be used default a Windows 10 or Windows 11, no customizations.

You need to activate Windows before you can personaloze your PC. No Product Key
You need to activate Windows before you can personaloze your PC

Lock Screen will be the default operating system and will not be able to change the background image, will not be able to edit, add or delete widgets (Windows 11).

Dark Mode there will be another visual limitation if Windows is not activated. This interface appreciated by many users will change in a dark way both the interface of the operating system and the applications.

Activation notifications a Windows 10 or Windows 11

if you use Windows for productivity, license activation notifications Windows they will definitely be stressful and distracting. Microsoft even if it allows you to install Windows 11 or 10 without a license, has a very annoying notification system, which invites users to activate the product or purchase a license. Windows.

These activation notifications Windows cannot be blocked.

Windows Update limited - Security, bug, patch

OS Windows they are not without errors. Considering the fact that Windows is installed on many hardware configurations and is not a dedicated operating system for a single type of PC, as it is macOS, errors, security breaches and bugs appear everywhere.
Microsoft fixes system errors, driver incompatibilities, and resolves security issues with the upgrade system. Windows Update.
If we use Windows without a license, some updates will not be available, and your PC may remain vulnerable to possible computer attacks.

Conclusion: Use Windows without license - Product Activation Key

Windows 11 can be installed and used without a license (Windows Product Key), but there will be limitations on operating system features. It is not recommended to run an operating system Windows without a license outside of the test period, especially if the PC is used for productivity. Repeated notifications requiring product activation will distract you, security updates and other useful features will be missing.

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