How can we disable informational pop-ups from Windows Explorer

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Informational pop-ups in Windows Explorer are those pop-ups that appear every time we hold the mouse cursor over a folder or file in a folder. Most of the time users Windows ignore these pop-ups, considering that the information provided is quite brief and without any specific relevance (so default type… are displayed Read More

How can we add shortcuts to the applications installed in Windows in the right-click menu of Desktopacquis

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If you want to have quick access to certain applications installed in Windows, but you do not want to display their icons on Desktop or fix them (pin) in Taskbar, an option would be to add the shortcuts of the respective applications in the right-click menu (Context Menu) of Desktopof. The easiest way to add shortcuts to certain programs Read More

How can we restrict access to Command Prompt in Windows

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If you administratora network of PCs Windows or you are used to allowing other people (family, friends, colleagues) to use your personal computer, most likely you want to restrict their access to system settings and certain utilities, to prevent any changes and possible errors that could be caused of those changes. ... Read More

How can we disable the driver signature verification in 64 bit versions of Windowsacquis

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The 64 bit versions of the operating system Windows do not allow the installation and running of unsigned drivers. While this restriction improves the security of those systems, in some situations it can be a problem, given that many peripherals (eg printers) or devices that we want to connect to computers come bundled with… Read More

How can we delete the association default of a file with a certain program in Windows

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Each type of file in Windows can be associated with a certain program with which it can be opened, edited, run, etc. This association can take place either when installing the respective program in the system, or at the first opening of the file (the user will have to manually select the program with which he wants to open the file). Once an association is made… Read More

How to create a shortcut for Search Explorer pe desktopof a system Windows

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One of the most important features of an operating system is Search, with which users can locate relatively quickly various files or programs installed on the system when they have forgotten their exact location but know (macwould partially) the names of the respective files. Most users Windows usually use Search from the Start Menu or Start… Read More

How can we enlarge thumbnails from Windows Taskbar without using third-party applications

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One of the new features introduced by Microsoft with the launch Windows Vista is also the ability for users to view a preview (thumbnail) of applications running on the system when they place the mouse cursor over their buttons in Taskbar. Although it is not considered to be a very important feature of the system Windows, the vast majority of users Read More

How can we prevent a user's password from being changed? Windows

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If you are accustomed to letting other people use your user on an operating system Windows, you certainly do not want those people to be able to change the user's access password. Also, if other users share the same user on your computer (different from your user), you will most likely want to prevent Read More