Logitech Wireless Mouse MX Master best brand Logitech mouse


The Logitech MX Master full name Wireless Mouse accessory is intended for users who work on multiple screens, devices and operating systems, requiring perfect product to interact with this complex environment. Also Logitech Darkfield Laser sensor can work on any surface, even glass or high gloss surfaces. "Logitech [...]

iOS 8.3 allows downloading free content without authentication, the App Store and iTunes


Apple tried to eliminate multiple authentications required to download content from the iTunes App Store and iOS phones and tablets, although sometimes she was forced to do the opposite to remove unwanted abuses In-App Purchase system. Future iOS 8.3 further simplify this way because users will have [...]

Using other operating systems in dual-boot mode could be blocked by Windows 10


Microsoft seems to take action in terms of blocking access to other operating systems that might be installed simultaneously on devices with Windows 10, after, first announced that it will tolerate the use pirated versions of Windows 10, in the hope of rapid increase market share and conviction users [...]

Apple released today a new security update for OS X

Apple Product Studio Shoot

Only 10 days after the second post on the App Store for OS X security update since 2015, Apple has released a new update, which is extremely important for all users. Security Update consolidates 2015-003 10.10.2 OS X systems security by removing errors from Portcheiul iCloud and [...]

GTX Titan X, a new video card announced by NVIDIA

geforce gtx-titanium-x-4-640

Recently, NVIDIA confirmed both complete technical equipment of the new GTX video cards Titan X, and the sale price. The new GPU CUDA cores has 3.072, 8 billion transistors and a bandwidth of 7 teraflops. There are also other 0,2 teraflops calculations that require high precision. [...]