Beautiful, sensitive and educated.

Ok ... Sleepy's evil! I moderate (a few seconds) a comment . What the fuck ... write to me .... I am free to write what I want and especially do I feel, right? ;)
Copy / paste on Y! M:

EA: - Homosexuaalii are usually handsome, sensitive, educated ... the dream of every woman
EU: - Yes ... there are female
- Are more civilized than packs of fans, Sophisticated and more
EU: - see ... that's because there are fewer in number and because they are more special than the rest, to be seen as well, should be done in a pleasant way
EA: - No. it's their nature. develop more feminine side of the personality than the rest, involuntary
EU: - I'm not convinced they have something extra in behavior compared to a straight
EA: - On average, yes. I'm not saying that there are men with normal sexual orientation to surpass them in education, civilization. but on average ... are pulled straight out from the crowd of boors
EU: -'s normal to be. I just said. are aware that their side that some do not see with good eyes and try to compensate somewhat
EA: - Do not try to compensate. they just are. have no inclination to rude, but culturally. As you said, femininity. and if not delight to break the stadium seeds, raise the culture media
EU: - actually yes. it's probably normal to be more relaxed and mentally if not tangent to women

Not to be misunderstood. I have nothing against homosexuals. But nothing. Taste not comment and everyone is free to do what he wants. As I said at the Sleepy ... "I have nothing against them. As well as I have nothing against a cannibal. It's free to get in what he wants, but to stay a little further ".. As I do not like gays, that's something else. Does not mean that I accept. I do not like gays, because I like men. I am convinced that they can not be compared with heterosexuals and are equally convinced that there are more educated, more sensitive and better bred than most men with normal sexual orientation. I doubt that homosexuals are purebred / superior who dreamed Hitler or a Prince Charming of marriageable girls dreams.
Wrong! I'm thinking ... if a woman should stay locked in a room with a man all his life, would prefer? A homosexual or a bully? Yeah ...: -? .
Really I'd comment more "on average ... are pulled straight out from the crowd of boors"But I should be misogynist and acid. Now I feel, but I return to the subject. Oky. We ended: D

LA: I rushed a bit and I was wrong job title. Should be: "Beautiful, sensitive and educated

Beautiful, sensitive and educated.

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