How to increase performance Windows 11 si Windows 10? Faster computer or laptop

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What are .DLL files and what to do if one of the systems / DDL are missing File was not found

We often meet on Windows operating system or application errors caused by missing a .DLL file. MSVCR120.dll, nvumdshim.dll, MSVBVM50.DLL, MSVCRT10.dll are just some of the DLL files that have caused problems in various scenarios and about which we have mentioned how to fix errors caused by their lack. What are files… Read More

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Blue Screen (BSoD) on Windows 10 caused by a CHKDSK - NTFS bug FILE SYSTEM ERROR

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How can we see the hidden files from Windows 10 (Show Hidden Files in Windows 10)

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Fix SSH Error in Terminal & Linux: client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe

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